4EVA Beauty

“Life is to show reflections of beauty from the inside out, by leaving a legacy of of love and compassion from generation to generation.” – Dwayne Matthews

Why in the world am I selling AVON? Simple. I am choosing to make a difference and win for my family, a generation and generations to come. I want to progressively grow my business in such way that I may be able to someday leave an inheritance for my children and their children. Not just a financial inheritance but a legacy of honest and diligent work with integrity, love and compassion for generations to come.

Sometimes making a difference in someone’s life is though financial means. But helping financially without compassion is just white noise. It doesn’t encourage nor empower others. It becomes a temporary fix and produces dependency and selfishness. Being in a position to help financially with compassion, purpose and grace is a privileged responsibility that we can choose to embrace. Having compassion for another and purposely looking to embrace, encourage and empower them through the grace we have been afforded in our own lives is a great calling. So why do this? To make a difference an win!

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